Dominguez United Methodist Church
Monday, January 21, 2019
We welcome you with open hearts, open minds, open doors

United Methodist Men

Dominguez United Methodist Men 
The United Methodist Men’s Organization is the primary organization within the United Methodist Church that involves all of the men of the church.  As the primary Men’s Organization the first and foremost strategy is ministry to all men in the church.   Dominguez United Methodist Church has a small but strong and very active group of men who are involved in all areas of the life and work of the church.  The men are involved in every level of service leadership and ministry in the church.

In service- the men’s work involves all groups in the church where men are active.

In leadership- the men council and nurture those men in search of meaningful faith, the witness to that faith and to that faith in all their relationships.

In Ministry- Under the dynamic leadership and guidance of
Rev. Dr. Merle Bailey, we have a strong ministry.

    a.    Ministry to Men
    b.    Ministry among Men
    c.    Ministry through Men